Mac Support

More and more businesses and homes are moving to the Mac, saving time and reducing frustration. But even a Mac-based environment can have challenges, or become more complex than you can easily manage. We have many years experience supporting Macs for homes and small businesses and as a result we are excellent troubleshooters. If you need prompt assistance with your Mac set up, help switching to the Mac, or just general Mac advice.

Your Mac may be functioning just fine. However, many small things can add up to a significant boost in performance that will help to ensure that you get the most from it. Several steps can be taken to ensure that you’re well prepared for when things go wrong. Proper maintenance and backup will give you peace of mind that, when disaster strikes, the impact will be minimal.

Advice — Make the right decisions

New Mac or jazz up the old one? A Mac that is around 3-5 years old can often be made to feel like new again with only a few upgrades. A new, bigger hard drive, extra RAM and the latest Operating System will cost around 1/3 of the price of a new Mac. If that shiny new Mac is still to good to resist, a few extra £ spent on your old one may increase its resale value quite a lot. It could even become a useful Mac for a family member or friend.

Support — More space, More ooomph, More fun or a Mac M.O.T.

Preventive maintenance is much better than reactive. If you think there is something wrong, there probably is. Don’t wait until it fails completely. An annual check-up will help catch minor problems before they become major or catastrophic. Changing a hard drive before it fails may save you the heartache of serious data loss (and the mandatory lecture about proper backup). Deal with little problems now, before the become bigger and nastier.

Save time and money by utilising our remote support. Using TeamViewer we can directly access your Mac, with your permission, and help you out, offer training and do all things generally Mac that are needed — like adding a printer!

Backup — backup…backup…backup…backup. Did we mention backup?

Backing up is not a luxury, it is essential — in fact it’s our Rule #1! Wedding albums, baby pics, 4 years of Uni work, iTunes paid-for content, tax returns, VAT info, legal documents, manuscripts… The list is very VERY long but each and every loss was preventable. Far too many people tell us they were ‘about to start backing up’… just before their hard drive failed or they dropped their laptop. (The mandatory lecture about backup is rather galling at this point).