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We believe that our duty as a company is to get to know as much about you and your business as possible, be proactive in its approach and constantly strive to ensure that you receive the best service possible. We work closely with you throughout your project, and beyond, to ensure that you are always 100% happy with your site.

Small brochure style websites through to large enterprise solutions, we have the experience and creative flare to deliver your business online.

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We are a relaxed, yet extremely professional team, who are all highly qualified and passionate about the work we do. We know that you’ll enjoy working with us and experiencing our enthusiasm for Business and Web Design.

Web Design Lifecycle

The Methodology We Use
With the ability to design and build a single page or a large corporate website, we believe you will find us not only competitive, but capable of delivering a high quality website utilising the best tools and techniques for the build.

Send us an outline of your web design requirements and we’ll provide you with an estimate and time-scale to deliver your website. Should you find our estimate acceptable, we will then work with you to refine your requirements and build your site. Below is a typical Project Lifecycle. The way we approach a typical custom, database driven (CMS), web application would involve the following steps:

Definition of Requirement

We work with you to identify the requirements of your project both aesthetically and functionally. Going through the high level goals of the site and gradually breaking those down into each functional unit. We then document these requirements for your approval prior to continuing with the project. This defines what the system needs to do.

Concept Design

We develop a web design ‘concept’ for your perusal. A concept is a full size representation of how your site will look. This will be provided to you in an image format, so that you can send it around for review within your organisation. We generally produce two concepts, and present these to you. It’s your website and we work with you at each step of the way so it is at this point we should reach agreement on exactly what we will build and you’ll know what it will look like when it’s finished.

Design and Functional Specifications

We take the Requirements Documentation and Concept to our developers and put together the Web Design and Functional specification. This defines how the system will achieve the goals set out in the requirements. It will define the technologies to use, the database architecture and how the functional components of the system will interact etc. For larger systems, analysis tools such as UML are employed.


This is where we take the concept and cut out the web design into the graphical elements of the site, construct the database and develop the code and piece the whole thing together.

System Testing

We conduct our own internal quality tests on the new application to ensure that the desired results are achieved by the system.

Handover for Acceptance Testing

This is when you get your website fully functioning and ready for you to test. We will support you during this time when you are getting used to your new system and work with you to ensure you are familiar with its operation enough to undertake the tests you need to perform to ensure the delivery is fit for purpose.


We provide you with the support you need to load the website onto your own choice of domain hosting service.

Support & Maintenance

We support your site for you during its initial stages of life and monitor its position within Search Engines etc. We then meet with you to review the project and discuss any future web design requirements or on-going support. Generally Mac carry out the Web Design and Build – You own the site we build. We do not license the code to you — it’s yours.